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I am the creator of  No Nail Smell (TM) Soy Candle. The Candle that eliminates the nail odor in small spaces. I came up with this unique candle because I am a Licensed Nail Tech and I sometimes practiced doing different designs and techniques at home and that smell wound not go away no matter what I sprayed or what candle I burned. I was obsessed with getting out the Nail Smell odor. One day I came up with a perfect mixture and it was a instant hit.

After doing so well with No Nail Smell (TM) , I decided to dip into novelty scents with the help of my 14 year old son, by the way he helps with all my candle creations, he is the true genius behind the candle recipes.

My Son and I Thank each and everyone of you for your purchases, support, shares and likes. 

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